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The animation is really good and although it was short, I can appreciate the effort put into it! I'd love to see more stuff like this!

Brilliant, haha!

Man your animation is awesome, and I love this one. Your style is really cool, and the creeper is really... Well, creepy!

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Fast and frantic! This would definitely work very well in an RPG! Nice work!

Loved the game, and the music was just beautiful, it added so much to it. Once I found the link for it here, I favourited it and patted my computer on the head for allow me to connect with people who can create such beauty. Seriously, I'll just leave this looping and chill out in my room or whatever. This tune can somehow draw out deep, dark emotions from my heart and leave me reflecting on things from the past and sends me deep into thought about my present and future. Today, I started working on projects that I'd thrown aside for a while, things that I just didn't have the heart to bother with. But this got me thinking, it inspired me; put words and ideas into my head to help push me along and get back on track. So thanks for that.

I might be getting a little too into this here, but I honestly just want to express my love for this piece. I love how the melody fades away and allows the strings to carry on with great lament, but other than that, despite being a musician myself, I can't say much else. It's never gets boring, it just feels right. Fantastic song, excellent game also, and I really can't wait to hear more.


I've been working on music for the last 10 years of my life in a lot of forms and trying to make a big push into working in video games. If you want to use any of my sounds or discuss using any of my music, please email me at asrobison94@gmail.com Enjoy.

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